Only Jesus can fully satisfy the deepest longings of the human heart and purposes for which man exists.


Man has sinned

Man was wondrously created by God primarily for the purpose of enjoying and expressing Himself in the earth.

Unfortunately, humanity has taken a turn away from God in seeking pleasure, significance and fulfillment independently of Him. This is essentially what the Bible signifies by ‘sin’. Sin has driven a great wedge, a huge chasm and breach between God and man, severing man from enjoyment of the life of God.

Sin actually takes two very different paths and forms, each of which manifest the manners in which we may ‘miss God’

Most ignore the breach in relationship and go about seeking fulfillment and satisfaction through possessions, prestige, pleasure and people. Others recognize the chasm between God and man and seek to bridge the gap through good deeds, moral respectability and various forms of service or sacrifice.

All of these endeavors, no matter how sincere and passionate, fall short of achieving and enjoying the true life God intends us to have.



God is love

Instead of responding angrily, judgmentally or condemningly to man’s departures from himself, God is dominated by Love, characterized by Goodness, and is committed to glorifying his name by saving man from ultimate ruin and destruction.

The Gospel (Good News) is the amazing account of what God has specifically done to bridge the gap between God and man in a fashion that satisfies both His Supreme Goodness and Eternal Justice.



Christ has come

Jesus Christ is God’s answer for human sin and all its ill effects.

The Gospel is the Good News of God’s coming to break the barriers and bridge the gap sin has established between God and humankind making it possible for man to be reunited with God and His true purposes in creation and being.

Jesus, the sinless Son of God, died to take the penalty of our sin and waywardness upon Himself. On the cross, He bore the full penalty and curse of sin, releasing those who unite with Him by faith from the experience and consequences of their separation from the Father.



Eternal life is given

Eternal Life is both a quantity of life and quality of life.

It is the life of the Eternal One. That is, it is both an Everlasting life which has no end and an Abundant Life of extreme satisfaction and ultimate fulfillment.

Eternal life is abounding Life: It is the granting and sharing of the Life of God in the heart and experience of man.

Eternal life is the result of the connection God establishes with Himself through His loving graciousness; It speaks of the amazing life enjoyed by all who put their trust in Him.

Eternal life is never earned, achieved or merited; it is God’s Amazing Gift granted to ALL who come to Him through the Son. It is experienced through simple, but wholehearted trust in the only remedy for sin and its consequences; Jesus Christ.

It is experienced through the simple surrender of self to God; the exchange of our will and way for His. Far from our ‘trying’, it is in fact its opposite; it is the end of our struggle and attempts and the beginning of new Life he freely bestows. 


Did you know you can pray to receive Christ as your Lord and Savior right now?