EveryOne Matters


Every single person matters to God, so at Faith On Fire they matter to us. Jesus was sent to bring abundant life for all and it is God’s desire that nobody would miss out on this promise. We purpose to help every person find this abundant life for God’s glory.

To see this happen, our vision is to make lives great with the greatness of God. There is no greater fulfillment, joy or satisfaction that can be found in life than that which is found through relationship and fellowship with God. At Faith On Fire, all that we do is centered around this purpose and aim and our Sunday service is the beginning of it all.


Our Mission


Our mission is to see people Committed, Connected, Changed and Commissioned.


Everything in our walk with God begins with committing our lives to Jesus Christ. It means that we place our hope and trust in Him by turning our lives and wills over to His.

We were not intended to do life alone, but called to connect with others in community. Developing friendships with others who love Jesus gives us the encouragement, help and love that we need to live the life God intends for us.

When we accept Christ as Lord and Savior, scripture tells us we’ve been made new. We are not the same and now no longer live for ourselves. We must continually grow in the knowledge and grace of Christ as we are continually transformed to be and live like Him.

Once we respond to God’s call, we are sent out to be carriers of His Kingdom. We are the hands and feet of Jesus, called to bring His light and love to those who are around us.