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About Us



Every One Matters

Every single person matters to God, so at Faith On Fire they matter to us. Jesus was sent to bring abundant life for all and it is God’s desire that nobody would miss out on this promise. We purpose to help every person find this abundant life for God’s glory.


About Jesus



Only Jesus can fully satisfy the deepest longings of the human heart and purposes for which man exists.


Man has sinned

Man was wondrously created by God primarily for the purpose of enjoying and expressing Himself in the earth. Unfortunately, humanity has taken a turn away from God in seeking pleasure, significance and fulfillment independently of Him.

God is love

Instead of responding angrily, judgmentally or condemningly to man’s departures from himself, God is dominated by Love, characterized by Goodness, and is committed to glorifying his name by saving man from ultimate ruin and destruction.


Christ has come

Jesus Christ is God’s answer for human sin and all its ill effects. The Gospel is the Good News of God’s coming to break the barriers and bridge the gap sin has established between God and humankind.

Eternal life is given

Eternal Life is both a quantity of life and quality of life. It is the life of the Eternal One. That is, it is both an Everlasting life which has no end and an Abundant Life of extreme satisfaction and ultimate fulfillment.